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As increasing numbers of website visitors are accessing the internet using mobile phones and tablets, any good website design needs to be mindful of how this affects the features of that design. In addition to creating a mobile responsive website, which is presented differently depending on whether it is accessed from a PC, tablet or phone, other design trends are affected by the technology.

Simple and minimalistic designs are increasing in popularity, as these are easier to navigate on a smaller screen and enable the visitor to quickly find the information they are looking for. The days of flash animations and complex functionality on every website has passed, as these take a longer time to load. If people have to wait they often click onto another site, before your page has even been seen. Loading time is also a factor rated by the search engines, so it has an impact on your website’s position in the listings.

There is also a trend towards larger font sizes, as they are easier to read on a mobile device, without the need for zooming in. A slightly larger and clear font ties in well with an uncluttered and well laid out design. A minimalistic design and larger font means that it is even more vital that you are presenting high quality content. The words (known as copy), the images and video content need to be of a professional standard.

Web Developer in Watford

With a team of specialists working on every website design, Watford based Urban Media can help your business to create a strong online presence. Urban Media has website developers who can create stylish designs that work to bring you more business. If you need support with content, we can source professional images for you and have writers who can provide you with high quality copy for your site. We even have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialists who will ensure your website has received initial optimisation and can provide an on-going monthly service, so your website can be found in the search engines. Our social media marketers can ensure the ‘buzz’ around your business grows too.

We offer a clear and simple pricing structure for website design. We even have an instant online quote generator, so you can get an idea of our services and pricing before you speak to anyone. If you would like to find out more try out our website quote generator or contact us today on 01923 601060.

For Web Design Watford call Urban Media. Our web developers are here to help you!