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Almost every organisation has a website, but not all are working as effective internet marketing tools. Investing time and money in a website and its on-going promotion should provide good returns by building the local, national or international profile for your company, generating new business and leading to a good volume of sales.

A good website has many parallels to an effective shop window. Whilst it needs to look appealing, the people viewing what is on offer aren’t worried about the exact position of the items on display. A website or a shop window is the first interaction that an individual has with your company. If this first impression looks unprofessional, too cheap, out dated or doesn’t appear to show what they are looking for, they can immediately be put off. Equally, if they feel the items are above their price range, or too exclusive, they are unlikely to investigate further.

In having a clear idea of who your target audience are, you can create your online presence to meet the expectations of that group of people. If executed properly, this online marketing approach will be off putting to people who are outside of your target audience, but that is a good thing. In most organisations, doing business with clients outside of your target group are often the most time consuming and problematic projects. By remaining focused, you will lose some potential business, but this will give you time to focus on those who your products or services are ideally designed for.

When you know your target audience, you can create high quality web design, images, written copy, video and other content to best match their expectations and desires. You can provide testimonials from clients like them, offers and guarantees that you know will appeal and regular updates that provides them with added value. This will encourage them to not only explore what you offer in great detail but also make return visits and recommend you to others.

Good web design is enhanced by on-going Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which provides your visitors with fresh relevant content and makes your website pages get well ranked in the search engines. A top position on the first page will have a huge impact on the success of your website as an effective online marketing tool, so SEO work is a worthwhile investment. In most cases it is a vital investment.

If your current website is failing to deliver, it is time to get an independent review of your online presence and take action where improvements are needed. This could be as simple as a few basic updates, or a focus on SEO to bring more visitors, or it could be time for a new web design. Watford based Urban Media have a team with the knowledge and experience to take action and improve your online presence.

Online and Internet Marketing Watford

We offer transparent pricing structures and a range of one off and monthly packages, so our Web Developers, SEO and Social Media Marketing specialists in Watford can provide the best options for your company within your budget. If you would like to find out more, contact us today on 01923 601060 – Urban Media, Internet Marketing in Watford.


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